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Legally residing U.S. citizens can file petitions to bring their immediate family members to live with them. Immigrant visas can be obtained for parents, spouses, and unmarried children below the age of 21 years. There is no waiting list for such “immediate relatives” of U.S. citizens. Visas can be obtained for some other types of relatives of U.S. citizens too.

US tourist visas

US tourist visas

Tourist visas are granted by the U.S. embassies or consulates located abroad. One usually just needs to show up at the appointment and answer a few questions.

US Family Based Visa

US Family Based Visa

Our US Immigration Visa Services provide expert counsel on obtaining permanent immigrant visa for your immediate family members and other relatives .

What are the Steps to Acquire a US Fiancé Visa?

What are the Steps to Acquire a US Fiancé Visa?

In order to get a US fiancé visa, a petitioner must prove: He/she is a U.S. citizen That the petitioner has met the fiancé in person within the two-year period before applying for the fiancé visa That both the petitioner and the beneficiary are free to marry and that...

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