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We will consult with you about your case and review your documents before sending them in for a moderate flat fee.

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Our US immigration consultation services provide a great alternate option to traditional immigration law firms. Traditionally clients would hire an immigration lawyer to complete their immigration documents for them and be on retainer. This typically costs thousands of dollars. With our consulting and document review service, you get an experienced attorney to evaluate your case, determine what you qualify for and how to get it, and guide you in completing the paperwork yourself. You only pay an hourly consult fee, quoted to you upfront. If you choose to have us review your documents before you send them in, you only pay a moderate flat fee which includes the case evaluation and consultation. For an additional fee we will produce the documents for you. This is a personalized, economical alternative to traditional legal services.

US Immigration ConsultantOur attorneys have years of experience in practicing United States immigration laws. At first, they will do an initial free consultation asking about your immigration problems. This can be done in person, over the phone, or via online mediums. The discussion is necessary to determine whether we can help you. Afterwards, each consultation with you will be charged at a moderate, flat rate, which will be quoted to you up front. There are no hidden costs.

A personal consultation with an experienced attorney is much more effective than DIY immigration guide books and internet-based knowledge. The attorney can evaluate the crucial points of your case and offer counsel unique to your circumstances. This is a more economical option than traditional legal services that are highly expensive.

Our attorneys are available for a consultation on any medium of your preference, including Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or any platform of your choice.

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We will consult with you about your case and review your documents before sending them in for a moderate flat fee.

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