E U.S. Visas for Investors and Traders

In case you have already invested your money in the United States, are currently in the middle of investing the same, or would want to engage in any sort of trade between the United States and the country of your residence shortly, you may be eligible for E-1 or E-2 US Investor Visas.

E-1 visas are meant for those individuals who only trade between the United States and their own country. E-2 visas, on the other hand, are for those who solely want to invest money in the United States. In either case, the person who applies for one must belong to a country that includes a treaty allowing the visa.

The E visas exist to allow people to visit the United States and operate their businesses. An E visa holder should be an investor or trader sitting at one of the highest positions of the hierarchical stage of the organization in order to be eligible for the same.

In a few specific cases, those who work for E-1 or E-1 visa holders can also be eligible for the E status. They must have specialized knowledge that is necessary in order to run the business or are coming to work in the business in a supervisory or an executive capacity. These individuals must have the same nationality as the principal visa holder employer.

E visas are given for two years at a time, following which they have to be renewed, keeping in mind the person is still operating the same business under which they receive the visa. The spouses and children of those individuals may also receive the E visa status, thereby making them eligible for applying for employment in the United States or complete their education here.

Obtaining E visa status is an intricate process, and thus only an experienced US Immigration Advisor should be consulted to handle these cases. In each case, there are several different factors that must be proven about the ownership and conduct of the business. These things are proven with a different approach, depending on the circumstances surrounding each case. If you are considering applying for an E visa, you should consult with a US Immigration advisor who is experienced in representing E visa applicants.

We will consult with you about your case and review your documents before sending them in for a moderate flat fee.